BIR-11: Stalk Ownership Griefing (Reproposal)

Proposed: February 5, 2024

Status: Passed

Link: Snapshot

Note: This is a reproposal of BIR-10, where the BIC informally agreed on the bounty amount but the Snapshot vote was not able to get 4 signatures before end of the Voting Period.


Beanstalk Immunefi Committee



By calling transferDeposit with an amount of 0, anyone is able to steal 1 root (an internal accounting variable used to track Stalk ownership) at a time from any other user for the cost of gas.


Add a require statement that checks that the amount in transferDeposit is greater than 0.

Given the low impact and likelihood of this issue being exploited (it is unprofitable to execute), the BCM determined that an EBIP is not necessary. The goal is to include this fix in an upcoming BIP.


The BIC determined that the impact of this issue is low given that roots cannot be redeemed for any underlying value and the costs of any form of an "attack" would not be profitable by a significant margin. Thus, the most applicable impact in scope is griefing and any "attack" related to this bug report would have an extremely low likelihood.

For these reasons, the BIC has determined that this bug report be rewarded 1,000 Beans.

Beans Minted

The init function on the following InitMint contract is called:

We propose 1,000 Beans are minted to the following address in order to pay the bounty to the whitehat:

We propose 100 Beans are minted to the following address in order to pay the 10% fee to Immunefi: